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Looking after pets

Our kittens are getting old enough now that we need to start worrying about their health as adult cats, and of course the cost of looking after them is going to rise.

They are nearly six months old now and we need to start thinking about getting them desexed, finding the right kind of food for them, and making sure their teeth, coats, eyes, ears etc are healthy.

Fortunately there is so much information online that we should have a fairly good idea about their health and what we need to be on the lookout for. We already know about ticks, having pulled one off the back of one of them, yuck, I hate doing that, and he didn’t like it much either because we pulled some of his fur with it, but at least the head came out cleanly.

Pet Health is a website that allows you to discover almost everything that could affect your cat or dog, and they have a lot of articles about medical conditions and behavior.

What I like about Pet Wave the most though, they have an online vet who you can ask a question of. Simply type your question then wait for your reply. It isn’t a substitute for seeing your local vet, but it might mean you have more information when you do.

Cat in a Box

One of the cats in a very small box, I just had to take the photo, it’s not every day you see a nearly full grown cat inside a box not much bigger than a showbox. She seemed quite cosy in there until one of the other cats jumped on the box to get her tail that had been peeking out of a whole at the back of the box.

Cat in a Box

Cat in a Box