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Printable Stars to Color

So many kids like printable stars to color, as stars are one of those shapes that we see around us all the time, on school certificates, Gold Star Motivational posters for your Children, the American Flag or perhaps Star Stencils for a festive holiday like Christmas.

All of these star shapes I’ve mentioned above can be used as clip art, stencils or printable stars to color in, and the fun part is when they don’t have color, you can decorate these stars anyway you like, even with various craft supplies that mum or grandma has stashed away in your cupboards and draws. Be sure to ask permission first before you take anything to cut up and or use in this stars to color project.

These printable stars to color are a little different from the Printable Star Coloring Pages that is in my other post, they my be nested stars but each star  border is different in design and in the number of points each printable star has. Kids how many points does each star have?  Count out aloud and see. There is a 5, 6, 7 and 8 pointed star in this star stencil to download, color and cut out.

With four printable stars to color on this sheet you can mix and match your favorite colors, to create collection of colorful stars to brighten up your world. Think how cool they would look on your wall with some of your favorite stars who are singers, or perhaps you have been in a school play and you have a group photo and you can place the  stars all around it, because after all you’re a star.

If the kids need a bit of help combining colors for their four printable stars to color, they can try these color combinations: blue and light green, yellow and pink, orange and purple and brown and red. Once the stars are colored use a pair of child safety scissors to cut them out, children who are young will need supervision as scissors can be dangerous or alternatively parents and guardians can step in and do this part.

At this point you can decide how if you would to just use some double sided foam tape, blue-tack or

Coloring sheets are a good way for kids to practice their color combination skills, improving their neatness and most of all having fun with printable stars to color in.

Printable Stars to Color

Color Printable Stars

Christmas Ball Clipart

Receiving a handmade Christmas greeting card always makes me feel special, and today I would like to help you make someone feel just as special by using this red Christmas ball clipart with fun white stars on it, to make an elegant gift card with a little sparkle. Does this sound like fun?

Kids you might need to ask your parents for some help to make this Christmas greeting card. To turn this greeting card into a memorable Christmas gift, you’re going to need a few craft supplies.

You’ll need: white or cream colored crafters cardboard, safety scissors, ruler, pencil, eraser, glue stick and SILVER GLITTER or silver glitter glue pen and this Christmas ball clipart of course :) * Remember to make sure your printer can print on the thickness of cardboard that you have chosen.

O.K Let’s start by downloading the Christmas ball clipart and printing it onto the craft card that you’ve chosen. Next measure your card to the size you would like to be, using your ruler and pencil. Parents this where you step in and help them to draw straight lines.

Next grab your safety scissors and cut the card out of the cardboard. If they kids find this too difficult, just go ahead and cut it out for them. Once the Christmas card is cut out, can you use the eraser and rub out the pencil lines around the edges of your card.

Here is the fun part yippee!!! With your glue pen or glue start putting glue on all of the white stars. Once they all have glue on them, sprinkle your glitter on all of the stars. Use a lot of glitter as you want these stars to really sparkle.

If you have a silver glitter pen, use it like a color pencil, and fill in all of the stars. When the stars are filled you’ll see a pretty red Christmas ball clipart card with lots of silver sparkling stars.

Now be careful as you need to put the card in a safe place to dry. When your Christmas card is dry, you can write a nice message inside,  and then give it to someone special.

To download this Christmas ball clipart for the Christmas greeting card you can simply click on the image and then right click again and click the “Save As” button. If you enjoy making Christmas greeting cards you might like to try this one too.

Christmas Ball Clipart

Red Christmas Ball Clipart