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Polka Dot Borders

Have you ever thought about putting on your decorating hat, and adding some fun polka dot borders to your Scrapbooking album? If you haven’t then now is the time to do so.

With amazing polka dot borders you can give you Scrapbook album that retro look and feel that you’ve been waiting for. Most of us can say that we have seen our fair share of polka dots, some polka dot patterns are in neat rows whilst others are scattered individually. Some of these can be a little boring, but good news, I won’t bore you, as this is not another typical polka dot design. Phew!!

Not all of the polka dots in this border are solid in color, I’ve tried to mixed it up a little, by adding some layering and a transparent effect to give the illusion of depth. With a solid or transparent effect on these polka dots, and the subtle use of  blue and green hues, this combination will add that bit of magic to your paper craft projects.

Some of you might be thinking, how can I implement polka dot borders into a page layout, it’s easy. You first need to ask yourself if you prefer a one or a two page layout. For a two page layout, you could journal about your favorite comic strips or maybe your favorite artist, Andy Warhol.

With fun polka dot borders, and interesting page layout ideas you an your Scrapping buddies could have a fun time Scrapbooking together on the same theme. To download polka dot borders just right click once, then again and save the graphic to your computer.

Polka Dot Borders

Clipart Borders

As a clip art designer I like to try and design clipart borders with a difference, original clipart pieces, that you can only download from my free clip art site. By offering these original pieces it keeps you, my readers happy,  and you can continue making new clipart creations.

If you have been trawling the internet for clipart, you’ll find that few clipart designers that give away their artwork have  their own distinct style. This really goes a long way in making your paper projects or craft projects that much more interesting. With such a variety of digital clipart at you fingertips you have the resources to mix and match our designs.

With interesting compositions and a mixed blend of styles, you’ll have so much fun searching for new clipart borders and making interesting and new clipart combinations to add to your Scrapbooking albums or to spice up your stationery.

When using printable clipart borders there are no real rules as to how you can use it on the page, you can go for the minimalist approach or go clipart crazy. Use it once, repeat it down the page as a watermark, use it as a page border, in the header or footer of the page or even to divide the page. Feel free to use my clipart borders for personal use, to make all of your paper craft projects pop off the page.

Remember to download clipart borders by clicking the graphic once and then from the drop down menu choose the “Save As” option.

Clipart Borders