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Cute Halloween Ghost Clipart

Halloween needn’t be a scary event for the littles, but if your child scares easily or has nightmares, you would be glad to know that you can get your hands on Halloween characters that have a friendly face, just like Casper or my cute Halloween Ghost clipart paddle pop puppet, which the kids will love.

As most kids love to run around this cute Halloween ghost clipart paddle pop puppet, is designed to keep them busy for hours, as they whoosh around the room like little ghosts, making cute ghost noises oooooOOOOOOoooooo. Kids are very imaginative, and it won’t take long before they are creating other fun games using their ghost clipart paddle pop puppet.

To make this cute Halloween ghost clipart paddle pop puppet, I have enlarged the size of the ghost clipart for the kids to make this Halloween paper craft project.

Materials needed:

You’ll need one or several Halloween clipart graphics like Ghost clipart , Vampire Bat Clipart, Pumpkin Stencil, or spider to make your paddle pop puppet. You’ll also need paddle pop sticks, craft glue, paint brush, cardboard (I prefer to recycle and use the cardboard from cereal boxes) and safety scissors.

Start by printing off your friendly ghost paddle pop puppet or other creature of the night, and glue it to your cardboard. Wait for the glue to dry and then cut out your cute Halloween ghost by carefully following the outer edge of the black line. When they have the ghost cut out, get them to glue the paddle pop stick to the back of the cardboard, but making sure it’s at the bottom and in the middle as you need to leave enough paddle pop stick for the kids to hold onto.

Mum or dad if you prefer to use a hot glue gun to glue on the paddle pop sticks, this will really speed up the drying time, actually almost instant and you won’t have the kids asking nagging you every 5 minutes, “Is it dry yet”?

When it’s dry the kids and their friends can play with their cute Halloween ghost clipart paddle pop puppet, or perhaps keep it for Halloween night ooooooOOOOOOOOOooooooo.

Just remember parents this cute Halloween ghost clipart can also be used as a ghost coloring page or even as a black and white stencil. With so many options it will keep the kids surely entertained.

Cute Halloween Ghost Clipart

Cute Ghost Clipart

Black and White Star Clip Art

Today we are going to take this simple black and white star clip art and turn it into a fun creation for children. Younger children will enjoy this, as it gives you, the parents or even teachers the tools to help them learn about shapes, but the fun way.

Not all of us are skilled enough to draw a star, maybe an odd looking one, this is why I have made it very easy for you. Just double click on the black and white star clip art and print it off onto standard printer paper or thicker paper if you prefer.

For those of you who like this star a little bigger, just set a higher percentage value when printing and viola!!! There you have it, a perfectly printed black and white star clip art to begin your craft, coloring or shape recognition project.

Black and White Star Clip Art

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