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American Flag Star Clip Art Coat Hanger Mobile

In my last post I asked you to put aside some American Flag Clip Art Star cut outs, for this DIY American Flag star clip art coat hanger mobile project. Now if you haven’t read my last post, I have included a new printable American Flag Star to download, or alternatively you can download the patriotic clip art star from the highlighted American Flag text above.

For this project you’ll need a plastic coated wire coat hanger,thread or wool, scissors and of course printable American Flag star clip art! Finding the right type of coat hanger can sometimes be a challenge, so ask Mum or Grandma if they have a spare one. In my closet it was slim pickings, as I prefer wooden or thick plastic coat hangers. In the end I did track down one with a plastic coating around it, a nice red one. If you can rustle up a coat hanger that is coated in red, white or blue plastic your mobile will look very patriotic.

This is no ordinary American Flag star clip art coat hanger mobile, nope as we are going to use the shape of the star clip art you have downloaded as a guide to bend the coat hanger into a 5 pointed American Flag star. I’m so excited are you?

If the wire is a little hard to bend, it might help if a grown-up helps you. That’s right, bend the plastic coat hanger into an all American star shape. I hope your hands don’t hurt too much? Now that you have finished shaping your coat hanger, now let’s move on to the stars.

American Flag Star Clip Art Coat Hanger Mobile

American Flag Star Clip Art

With the stars that you have previously cut out from the last project, do the same, punch one hole with a hole punch near the point of each American star, but be very careful as you want the hole to be a complete circle, so you can thread a piece of string through it.

Next cut lengths of thread at varying lengths to make your American Flag Star Clip Art Coat Hanger Mobile look interesting. Tie each length of string to a star with a big knot so the stars won’t fall off the string.

At each point of the star on the coat hanger tie off one American Flag star, making sure that the star is in the middle of each point of coat hanger, and the American star dangling from the top is positioned in the center of the coat hanger. If the string is too long just trim it down to size before tying it off.

As the coat hanger already has a hook at the top, you can easily find a nice place to pop it, ideally where the stars can catch a little breeze, but also be protected from the elements as they are only made of paper.

If you love this 4th of July decoration, just keep in mind it also can be up-cycled and used as a Christmas Clip Art decoration, by simply changing over the stars and use Christmas Star Clipart in it’s place.

I hope you’ve had fun making another 4th of July decoration, using my American Flag Star Clip Art, as it will surely add some American color to your patriotic holiday.

American Flag Clip Art Star

Looking for an American Flag clip art star with a Fourth of July look, then boy do I have a patriotic clip art star for you, as it has an all American shaped star with five points, a red border and the American flag inset.

If your kids need to decorate their classroom for this patriotic event, this is the coolest American Flag clip art star, because they can make so many Fourth of July decorations with this simple American Flag star.

When you have kids it can be pricey but, with this D.I.Y American clip art project you won’t need to scoot down to the shops to buy a bunch of plastic decorations, as this American Flag star will be made from the thickest printer paper that your printer can take (e.g 200 gsm), or alternatively normal 80 gsm Letter sized paper and cardboard to glue it to, to give it extra strength to make your decorations strong enough for little hands to handle.

This American Flag Clip art star project needs kids to use scissors, please provide kids with safety scissors and adult supervision.

Saving money is not something to be frowned at, and the kids get to have a great time being creative this 4th of July. O.K. If the kids have a big classroom to decorate it might be an idea to import this American Flag clip art star which is in a PNG format, into a program that is PNG compatible as you may want to fill a Letter sized page with stars to print, as it cuts down paper wastage.

American Flag Clip Art Star

American Flag Star.

When the American Flag stars have been printed and or glued to cardboard and carefully cut out, set some aside for another decoration idea below. Continue by using a hole punch to punch a hole in the top of every star for this paper project, but not too close to the edge.

Grab a ball of thick thread it can be red, blue or white if you like, and start threading on the stars. Don’t cut the thread as you want to space out the stars evenly. Grab a ruler, or if the ruler isn’t long enough use a different piece of measured thread as a guide. Kids might need a bit of help here.

The idea is that you want to achieve a scallop effect, like the shape of a smile. With the spaces measured you want to tie a knot on either side of the American Flag clip art star to secure it in place, this way they won’t bunch up together.

O.K now you should be on the home stretch with all the knots tied and the patriotic stars in position, right? Great effort!!!

On your next school day take your 4th of July decoration with you and get your teacher to place it above the blackboard in a scalloped pattern, like we mentioned earlier.

With the left over stars from your American Flag clip art star project just go to this post, American Flag Clip Art Star Coat Hanger Mobile and learn how you can make another Fourth of July decoration for school or to decorate your home.